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Welcome to BE WORTH IT!

Be Worth It is dedicated to business leaders, helping them to implement the ‘Ready, Execute, Deliver’ model successfully.  The BE WORTH IT conference took place on August 23, 2019 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Big Deal Workshop

Join us at the Big Deal Workshop on October 24, 2019!

The Big Deal workshop is co-sponsored by Goosmann Law Firm and Lutz. This workshop will feature four speakers who know what it takes to do Big Deals! 

We hold an annual conference and workshops. The book, also titled “WORTH IT  Business Leaders: Ready, Execute, Deliver” is authored by Jeana Goosmann, who is the CEO's attorney, and founder of Goosmann Law Firm, one of the United States’ fastest growing law firms.  

We serve nationwide:

  • Midwest
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota

What sets us apart is our ‘Ready, Execute, Deliver’ leadership model.


Big Deal Workshop on 10/24/2019!

Be Worth It

BE WORTH IT founder, Jeana Goosmann, is the CEO of Goosmann Law Firm one of the Nation's Fastest Growing Law Firms

Leaders level up and #BeWorthIt ! stay informed 

Big Deal Workshop on 10/24/2019! Space is limited!  Don't miss out!

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